Toe Sewing

All of our products are closed using computerized linking machines that give our product a smooth and flat seam.  Some of our knitting machines provide a virtual “seamless” toe closure allowing the product to bypass Toe Sewing all together.


Our product is re-inspected, paired together with another sock of the same size and color, either folded at the designated location or left flat, and packaged into its final.



Warehouse capacity is over 1,000,000 pairs of socks and we ship product daily.


Our knitting division is made up of Fully Computerized machines from Lonati.  The needle counts range from 96 needle Single Cylinder (Kids programs), 108 needle Single Cylinder (Wide variety of sport/casual), to 144 needle Single Cylinder (Finer Sports/Casual).  Our machines are capable of running a variety of basic hosiery for all lifestyles up to the higher end sports/casual products that you will find in many of the major retail chains.



Wet Processing

Our hosiery can either be scoured, bleached or dyed depending upon the final product.  All of the above processes are carried out by utilizing the latest equipment and techniques.  “Scouring” (a process that washes the oils and impurities from the yarns leaving the product in the natural state) or “Bleaching” (using Hydrogen Peroxide to make the product white) is carried out in our 6-part Passat continuous tunnel.  This process allows us to treat and re-use water in order to minimize water consumption.  “Dyeing” (applying color onto the product) is achieved using our 3-pocket Braun dye machines.  These 3-part chambers allows us to dye different product while achieving the same color standard.


Boarding is a method of removing the wrinkles after drying.  This is accomplished by either using our Electric Heat Press TMC system that is more suitable for cotton socks or our Steam Press enhances the layout and overall appearance to synthetic or fiber sensitive yarns.