Can you imagine living without Socks?

Crawford Knitting is a company composed of two divisions: Fabrics and Hosiery.  Our vision in both areas is to manufacture both apparel fabric and hosiery proudly in the United States concentrating on both quality as well as speedy turnaround times.  This allows our customers to adapt their products as well as their inventories in a highly competitive market.  We are still committed to continuing to manufacture in the United States so that we can meet and exceed our customer’s goals.

about us


The hosiery division of Crawford Knitting Co., Inc. was started in 1970.  Our focus at that time was to produce products in the Greige (unfinished) for other customers to finish and package at their facilities.  About 25 years later, we saw an immediate need to expand and offer our customers another element of business.  This growth to become a fully vertical operation allowed us to provide our customers with a knit through finish product as well as offering a wide variety of both needle counts as well as price points.  Our plant is made up of the following segments: Knitting, Toe Closing, Wet Processing, Dyeing, Boarding, Pair/Fold/Inspection, and Warehouse/Shipping.